Style & Perfomance

Ever wonder what your bike would look like with all the accessories you could imagine thrown at it? Well wonder no more my friend! Here at DMC Moto Birmingham we are expienrenced in creating the most jaw dropping bikes ever rolling out of showrooms across the UK. When you buy a bike from DMC Moto Birmingham we will fit any accessory for free before delivery so its a no brainer to have as much as possible fitted to the bike! Bellow you will find our favourite examples the have ever rolled out of our showroom. These bikes are truly special and definitely unique. Don’t follow the crowd, don’t even think that stock is acceptable because it isn’t! Talk to the sales guys today to see how we can make your new bike truly unique!

2020 790 Duke

The scalpel has never looked as sharp until now! This bike was built for a long standing customer of ours and she has spared no expense on it. Starting off with the full titanium Acropovic evolution system and finished off with a custom decal kit. Everywhere you look on this bike you can see lashings of anodised parts and little personal touches. It not only looks great but it performs better then a standard bike, with the milled triple clamps, extra power from the Evolution system as well as the PowerParts by Giles rear sets it becomes meaner and way sharper. 

2019 Super Duke GT

Never enough carbon is the theme on this one of a kind 2019 Super Duke GT! This bike is owned by our very own marketing manager and YouTuber Janis Strelkovs. Zero expense has been spared on styling it. From the subtle anodising bukkakee to the lashings of carbon everywhere this is definitely a one off GT. Other minor things you may not see are things like a K&N perforce air filter, ceramic paint protection, Speedo Angels dash protection and the whole host of performance enhancing software packs. The best way to think about this bike is “what isn’t on it?” You can come drool over this bike in our showroom where it is parked on a daily basis, and if your unlucky enough Janis may even chew your ear off about the bike. If you are inspired below is an almost full list of the parts on the bike so have a browse or give us a call to discuss.