This bike is a firm favourite with the staff here at DMC, So much so that we took one on a 1500 mile road trip to the legendary North Coast 500 (NC500) In Scotland.
Charged with piloting the bike, and reviewing the free luggage we offer with every 390 ADVENTURE purchased was our long time customer, and A2 license holder Rich. This being the smallest capacity bike on the trip, (alongside both 1290 and 890 ADVENTURES, as well as the all powerful 1290 Superduke GT) was soon forgotten at the first fuel stop midway along the M6.
“Not too bad at motorway cruising speed, and i forgot the luggage was there, no trouble keeping up with you lot” was all we managed to get from him between mouthfuls of sandwich.
Next onto the Lake District and the mighty Kirkstone pass for a bit of a change of scenery.
“This thing is so agile, flicks from side to side with ease and I’m having to slow down as the bigger stuff is holding me up in the corners” said a very excited Rich before he had even got his helmet off. “the quickshifter is the best thing ever” was followed by “ill only have a bike with a quickshifter from now on, It makes it much smoother for the gear change and i don’t need to plan when to pull the clutch in, i can change mid corner if i want”
Fast forward a couple of days and we are mid way around the NC500. with the expected rain and wind having no impact on either the quick release panniers or the luggage bag. Finding the odd un surfaced road to follow for some photo ops, and all of the others wanting to try the 390 ADVENTURE off road it became more apparent that this was the bike to be on. The single track lanes and off road sections are where this bike’s lack of weight (less than 160kg) really shine.
Follow A or B roads for a while and the 43hp, in conjunction with 37Nm of torque means that this is more than a fun bike to pilot. “I can’t see a better bike for me on this trip,” said Rich on the last night in Scotland.
“It ticks all the boxes and has done everything every other bike has, and then more” “I have carried a weeks worth of luggage in the free panniers and wet bag, never got left behind be it on a motorway or twisty A roads. Off-Road it was only limited by my ability but was still the easiest bike to be on. The screen gives a surprising amount of wind protection and after just over 1500 miles in almost a week i feel great” (so great in fact, he took the same bike back to the Lake District a week later to visit family)
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Keep a Lookout for more write ups on the other bikes that we took on our ADVENTURE test rides last year.