Dmc Moto Birmingham is a long established KTM motorcycle dealership but also a KTM ebike dealer. Located in the heart of Birmingham, West Midlands its never been easier to obtain a ebike in the city. with a wide range of finance options available and full factory KTM support this is the best place to buy your new ebike!

Why an E-Bike?

Electric bikes are increasingly seen as the best mode of transport in urban centres of the future.

Why should you buy an e-bike? You may wish to get into town to do your business yet really don’t want the expense and pollution from using a car. You may be feeling your age so are nervous of using a pedal bike, and feel reassured with the extra power from an electric motor. You may wish to commute to work yet not want to arrive tired from cycling or have high blood pressure from the ever slower traffic in your car. Want a folding electric bike that you might be able to take on the train and into your office? We can help you with this too.

For leisure, electric mountain bikes enable you to do longer trails and routes more quickly, appreciating the countryside more and adding to the adrenaline of added speed that your legs might not otherwise allow! Again, for those who are older, e-bikes enable you to keep up with your friends when otherwise you may have lagged behind.

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